Hello World! Second Time

This personal website opened its eyes to this beautiful planet(still it is) a long time ago by using one of the hosting service providers. Since the new year has started I decided to make some changes. Right now you’re connecting to my Raspberry-PI4 device to read this blog article. Instead of using a hosting service, my home internet connection plus this little monster will be serving you and of course also to me.

What are the changes that will be in my second spring in the manner of context (it is better to call as small notes) creation? Please see the below items:

  1. As you already understood, the articles will be in English
  2. I’m willing to add book summaries (main ideas and key points)
  3. You’ll see quotes from people who are good at their jobs or in general good at living a good life. For example, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” The quotes that might touch your life in a good way.
  4. More technical analysis for electronic circuits
  5. I’ll try to share my experience in a high-level manner (not going to share the technical details to avoid Intellectual Property violations…)